January 22nd, 2005


And then there were 5

For some reason No.5 decided to stop eating, and began to vomit whatever I force-fed him. A few hours later he was dead. Bugger.

No. 6 has been promoted to No.5, but he is still looking for an escape when he's not demanding food from me.* No1 and No2 are frightening each other by screaming out with adult peewee noises which sounds like a whistle that goes "PEEWEE! PEEWEE!" This morning I locked us in the garage and let them fly around. They needed the exercise to build up their pecs. 10 minutes later both birds walked back to me, panting and hungry. I think I can let them go before next Saturday. The three younger ones can then move into the Big Cage for flapping practise.

I'm a bit bappy about that.

*which is all the time.
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