January 16th, 2005



I have a new peewee. She's quite a few weeks younger than the other two, who are ready to graduate to Big School. He smaller size means I have to keep her seperate or they'd pick on her.
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And now I have seven peewees.

5 & 6 are the same age an No3, while No7 is the same age as No.4. No 7 and No 4 are in Fried Chicken Franchise Reconstituted Starch and Salty Brown Topping tubs lined with tissues. The tubs make excellent individual peewee single serve portionsnests when lined with tissues.

Temperatures in the last week have all topped the 37C mark and I think the chicks are bailing from their hot nests. This is why I have so many at the moment.

I have to watch No.6. There's something sneaky about him.
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