January 8th, 2005


In Care

The Peewees out-grew their cage and have graduated to Big School, where they now have 1 cubic metre of air space to flap and play in.

Of course, they spend all their time crammed against the front bars begging for food. They make enough noise to attract the local peewee mafia family, who drop in occasionally to check up on them. And me.

The little cuckoo-shrike is growing fast. In another week he'll be perching with the peewees and begging for food. BFCS are very slow growing. Techincally my BFCS is older than the peewees but developmentally he's much younger. It'll be interesting to see how the three cope.

In much better news, the cockie seems to be recovering from psittacosis. He's actually hungry now and is trying the seeds for the first time in a week.

which is nice.