January 6th, 2005


Currently In Care

1 sick cockatoo chick. He has psittacosis. I have to be careful because it can be passed on to humans.
1 Black-faced cuckoo shrike chick
2 peewee chicks
These three chicks are fat and healthy, but they still insist they're being starved to death and need to be fed THIS INSTANT or they'll die. The peewees are noisy enough to attract the attention of the peewee mafia.

2 crested pigeon chicks. These birds were picked up about 3 weeks ago and fed bread and water. The lady passed them on to WIRES after she decided the birds were not doing too well and needed more care. They're going on to someone who can feed them something better than bread and water.

1 magpie. This bird was picked up 2 weeks ago. It has a bruised wing, said the lady, and only needs some more care. She can't keep it any longer because the demands the bird makes are interferring with her schedule. A brief examination and the feeling of crepitus in the bone near the shoulder tells me this bird will never fly again. Time to dig out the Kevorkian kit, dammit.
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