January 3rd, 2005

happy den

Zoo, Dish, Scones

We had a great time today. It was nice to see the people behind the names. oceansedge used james_b's camera and took DOZENS of shots of various beasties, birds and plants. We caught the 10.30 Otter Feed (no pointed otter beating stick required). The otter pen has been expanded to include a new rocky beach area so the bits the keepers throw vanish under rocks and small stones, forcing the otters to hunt for them.

We ended up at the Dish at 3pm, had a mugacino and watched the telescope do timing runs of newly discovered pulsars. oceansedge has a Devonshire Tea malfunction and ended up powdered with scone flour. We laughed.

I also heard more than I needed to know about tim tams between the toes.

They're on their way to Sydney now.

It was rather a surprise to return home to discover I'd scored another peewee.

And one hour later I have ANOTHER peewee. The two peewees and the cuckoo-shrike are all living in the one box. The BFCS will be a little confused about these strange birds but he'll grow up knowing he's a bird even if he's not sure about exactly what sort of bird.