December 20th, 2004

happy den

Christmas food

I ordered my christmas food today.

4kg shelled prawns
1doz. Balmain Bugs (aka slipper lobsters)
1kg smoked salmon
2 doz oysters
2 doz green-lipped mussels
1 anti-otter beating stick
1 ham
3 chickens
1 leg of pork (mmm crackle)
A friend says she will be bringing a turkey.

That should be enough to feed 20 people. Which is lucky because that's how many people will be here.

oceansedge and james_b might have to eat leftovers while they're here.

Diary Of A Wombat

I saw Diary Of A Wombat in the bookshop today, and almost bought it for someone, but it's aimed at the very young. On the other hand it's funny. The start is slow

Morning- slept
Evening-ate some grass

Morning- slept
Afternoon-slept, scratched hard to reach itchy places.
Evening-ate some grass

...but then comes the encounters with her human neighbours. I feel like I should own a copy for myself. Time to have an early mid-life crisis, I think.