November 20th, 2004


Galahs, fishing line, Country Energy Linesmen, and a Nifty Lift Cherry picker.

The crane operator and I stood under the tree, looking up at the dangling galah. The bird was hanging by one wing about 2 metres below the tree. We could see the thin line running up into the branches. Every so often the bird would try to fly. The line made it fly in a very tight circle so that it looked like one of those tethered morotized toys you see hanging in kid's bedrooms. A noisy, frightened toy.

The linesman said the line ran from the galah to the tree, then across to the 11KV powerlines, then across the main road where it tangled around a street light. The bird had been dragging about 30m (100 feet, for the metrically impaired) of fishing line. It's lucky it was entangled where people could rescue it.

The Nifty-Lift Cherry Picker Operator took my box and raised the crane up to the bird. He put the dangling galah into the box, shut the lid, then cut the fishing line. The whole operation took about ten minutes.

Once home I cut the line off the wing and examined the bird for serious injury. It didn't have any so I let it go. The galah flew off in an instant, landing in a high gum-tree where I could hear it complaining loudly.

Hats off to Country Energy for sending out a crew of four linesmen, a 4WD and a Cherry Picker to rescue a common bird. These guys are Very Cool Indeed.

(from the Country Energy site)