November 17th, 2004

happy den

No more bat problem

The little mooching bat has moved on. I hope she finds a good maternity roost, but it would be even better if she could find a maternity colony. I have bat boxes in the yard but as far as I can tell there are no residents. she might be in one.
happy den

Woo hoo! (a little woo hoo)

I've been offered 1 week of casual PC teching, sales and customer support at a local company who does corporate contracts. It might lead to more weeks, especially leading up to christmas. Start on the 29th.

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I have another Magpie chick.

This one is a juvenile, mostly feathered and really grumpy about being handled. If I can get him to eat he'll have a good chance. At the moment I have to force-feed him. This is done by having holes pecked into my hands as I wrap him in a towel until only his head is poking out, then, while he swears and snaps at my fingers, I try to drop balls of food down his throat.

The most successful method is to shove my whole finger into his beak, then sneak the food into the side of the open beak below my finger. He doesn't like it much. I hope he works out that I'm a friend. That shouldn't take too many days.

I hope.