November 3rd, 2004


US election

Cards on the table. I don't want to see Bush get re-elected.

However, if the majority of the United Statians voting today elect him, then... well bugger, but there it is. If Mr Bush is Cheif Executive Officer of the US tomorrow, whinging about it will do bugger all.

Onward and upward, chaps! Tally ho!
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But what cheeses me off

One thing about this election is that it is being televised on 2 channels here. I am watching the US election instead of the weekly Inspector Morse movie! I want my English Cop muder mystery movie!

And I'm watching it on a B&W telly, so the red states and the blue states are both black. I'm watching the US go progressively dark.

Animal Rescue

Picked up two animals today

The first was a long-necked tortoise. She was found walking through the middle of town on her search for a mate. I took her straight down to the river and let her go. Some people with a boat on the shore gave me a round of applause so I took a bow. That's when I noticed their "Inland Fisheries" badges and a mass of dead European Carp, none of which were smaller than 18" long. We got to chatting and they told me they were "electrofishing" to get rid of the carp. Their boat had a little generator on board, and they dangled a cable in the water. The other terminal was connected to a metal mesh net. The carp was caught by dipping the net in the water and scooping up the stunned fish.

The second is a young magpie. He'd been caught by some little bastards and made to fly by hurling him into the air. The brats did this for so long that 3 of he 8 claws have been broken right off at the toes. He's in my cage now, sitting on a soft cloth because his feet are too sore to pearch with. Poor little thing. The bloke who found the bird gave one of the kids a good smack on the side of the head and told them to piss off home. I approve.