October 23rd, 2004


Pee wee

I have in care my first peewee of the season.He's not your average fallen chick who needs help. This fellow is an independent, nearly fully grown sub-adult. At first I thought his wing was broken because he was dangling it, but I couldn't feel any broken bones pr dislocations. I put him in the cage and observed. After much struggling he managed to get his wing folded back to where it should be,but any movement leaves him panting in pain and drooping. I think he has a torn or bruised muscle. Feeding will be difficult bacause I have to catch for force-feeding since he's not taking feed mix without help, although he scarfs down the live meal worms.

I've worked out what's happening. He's from the Peewee mafia, sent to check out the accommodation. He's been given a non-lethal injury so that he has to go into care for a while, then he'll report to the Bosses.


The peewee is settling in to life in captivity, although he really hates me going near the cage. I've been supplying meal worms but he needed something a little more meaty so I thawed out some mince meat and put it in. He wouldn't touch it.

I caught him (there was a lot of protesting), locked us in a room and forced-fed him some small balls of mince. At first he accepted them and I though he'd settle down, but then he remembered that he was a Wild Bird, and this handling was Just Not On. Instead of letting me poke the food into his throat, he pecked and snapped at my fingers and the meat, and flicked lumps of it all over the place. He escaped my grip while I was trying to control him, but instead of flapping to escape he rolled onto his back and lashed out with his feet. Every time I moved he'd roll into a position that put his feet between me and his head. I walked a full circuit around the bed and watched the maniac bird roll around on the sheet.

I flicked a couple of meal worms onto the sheet, but the bird ignored them and continued to roll on it's back, lashing out and snapping at every opportunity until ooh crawley food near me! He was very surprised to discover he'd been caught while eating the meal worms. I got a few more meat lumps into his crop, then put him and another load of worms back into the cage.

I really hope his wing gets better.