October 21st, 2004


Job Interview

The job might not happen. On the phone he was all keen to see me, but once there he said he was after someone with practical hands-on MS 2000 Server and Novell experience. I only wanted the repair tech job but that was only a part of it.

But at $35k I don't think he'll get the netGuru he's looking for.
happy den


A bunch of friends brought some dinner around. Leah from Manilla brought pork ball & noodle soup,Mihae from Korea brought sushi and chicken & rice soup, and Pedro from San Salvadore bought chillie & beef tacos. I supplied the chateau cardbord (4 litres of mosel in a plastic bladder) and icecream. I had no need to visit the Australian Wok.

To those people in this country who want to get rid of all these damn foriegners: YOU SUCK. You don't know what you're missing.