October 14th, 2004

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Iron (Fe)
Lucky Number 26

You are solid, reliable and dependable, but tend to fall apart without a little TLC. A team player, many rely on you to get the job done. Finding the right person to get close to is important for you, you big lug.

Spurning frippery you are the embodiment of nunnish dress sense. But while everyone loves someone who takes their work seriously, would it kill you to accessorise? A little carbon or chromium draped at a rakish angle can not only create the illusion of height, it can help ward off corrosion.

Famous Irons
Governor Sir Terminator Arnold Schwarzenagger
Margaret Thatcher
Sir Robert Menzies

Ideal Partner
A feather boa and a karaoke machine.

What element are you?
A quiz as valid as any other.
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