September 27th, 2004

happy den

AAAand back again

It was raining when I left Wagga Wagga and was still pissing down at Temora, but by the time I reached Barmedman there was only a light sprinkle. Skies were blue at Wyalong. In fact, the day got hot enough for me to put on the A/C. There's an awful lot of not a lot to look at between here and there. First stop was a coffee at Wyalong, and the next was a Coffee and Curry Pie at The Dish Cafe. The radio telescope at Parkes is a mandetory stop, of course.

The pies they make at the Cafe are a bonus. I had my coffee and pie in the out-doors section, sitting in the warm breeze so I could watch the Dish do hyper-accurate timing of pulsars.

I'll be sitting the CCNA2 final exam later this week or earlier next week.
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Found stuff


Atmospheric Optics Nice photos and explanations of things to see if only people would look up occasionally.

The MacGyver Challenge Make stuff out of other stuff, the way MacGyver did. Need a set of speakers and all you have as a set of earphones, 2 playing cards and some Altoids tins? No worries. I still look for the swiss army knife when I watch SG1.
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