May 11th, 2004


Road Trip

Off to Sydney tomorrow to do a little work.

Petrol prices here are going to hit $1.10/litre by the start of june. Time to save up for that hybrid car. I think I like the Honda Insite more than the Toyota Prius. thatwordgrrl has bought an Insight, so I did a little research and realized something I don't like about the Prius: Centralized Instrument Panel!

Prius dash board

Insight Dash Board

Any dashboard that makes you look left (in Aus) is wrong. I can't stand driving an Echo, and the Prius would drive me crazy. And the gear lever on the steering column? It's not really, but it might as well be. I'm pretty certain I'd go for the Insight now.

Whenever Honda starts selling them here, that is.