April 8th, 2004


Flying fox

I couldn't do it. I had to take the flying fox out to the zoovets. Tim looked at the wing, shook his head and said "There's only one result here."

They gassed her to sleep, then Jane injected the lethobarb. It took the bat about 10 seconds to die.

I wonder if they'll give me a mask like that for my EU duties. It's better then the old toilet roll with a wad of tissue paper in one end.
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The Easter Bilby

To cheer myself up I bought some easter bilbies to munch on.

I saw the old Maserati driver again, but awared her severl thousand bonus coolness points because she was driving a sky-blue P76. She must own that as well as the Maserati. I can't imagine anyone exchanging an Itallian sports car for an old Leyland Australia job, even if it is a classic.