March 25th, 2004


Quick zootrip

I took some friends to the zoo for a look, but didn't take more than a few photos. We rushed to the Otter house and caught the 11.30 feed. The keeper looked at the crowd (ie the 4 of us) went inside and returned with a different bucket, then began to throw dead mice to the otters. I suppose river otters don't live on fish all the time, and this is one food the keepers can't use when there's a crowd of kiddies watching. Now I want to be an otter keeper so I can traumatise the children some more. Crowd of kids? DEAD MICE FOR EVERYONE!

The wombat wasn't in her pen, but I found her stretched out on her back in her burrow.

(head to the right, tail to the left.)

Digger when the artist isn't around.
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yes, I had a roll of film developed. Coming soon: More sky shots, and the Shoyoen Japanese Garden.
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