March 9th, 2004



Should writers take rejection slips personally? Should editors take writer's comments personally?

I've practically given up writing. I still pop out the occasional story but I don't have time to spend on serious writing. Everything I write now, and have written in the last 2 years, has been either academic papers or silly bloody journal entries.

The Novel is on hold. It's a complete story but still needs finishing. There are other stories in my head.

-A fleet of alien ships are wondering what to do
-an anthropomorphic flying fox is tired of having a broken arm
-Mavrik wants all his short stories "joined together."

It would be nice if writing was fun again.
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bloke genes

Vintage Fair Photos

For unlabelled photos of the Vintage Fair, follow the bumper sticker:

I'll be posting the photos with a commentary here as soon as I finish reading a chapter by that twonk Tavani and his cyberbuzzwords.

makovette, there are two rigasauruses in there for you, but one is a little older than your's.
bloke genes

Wellington Vintage Fair

I took these photos in between rainstorms. Towards the end the camera got a little fogged, hence the hazyness of some of the pinctures. The day was very grey, blues and greens were muted but the reds and yellows were almost glowing.

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