February 15th, 2004


The Original and Best

About 6 years ago Pepsi (the owner of Lays) bought Smiths Chips because Australia was the only contry in the world where Pepsi didn't have the major snack-food market share.

I heard from a reliable source that at a conference last week the Pepsi reps from the Head Office in the US admitted defeat. Despite 5 years of zero advertising, Smiths Chips still outsell Frito-Lays chips by more than 2:1. The Frito-Lays brand in Aus is being discontinued and all the current Lays lines will be re-branded as Smiths Chips. This has only happened in Australia. Everywhere else a brand with no advertising fades into obsurity where it can be quietly retired.

Onya Smiths Chips! They really are the best.
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