January 31st, 2004


Dizco, Singing, Animations and such

In this thread of the_gneech's journal, one poster says Disney movies do well, or not so well, due to the music.

I hate it when the story of an animated feature stops every 10 minutes so a character can sing a song. I hate it! Toy story didn't have any singing in it! It had songs as a background to the action, but the characters didn't sing. Lilo and Stitch had singing that was part of the story, but it moved the story along and conveyed the emotions of the characters.

Look at The Lion King. The opening sequence was really nicely done. After that... Got a boring bit of explaining? Stick in a song! Hey why bother writing some interesting or clever dialogue when we can get Elton John to knock up a happy choon. The movie's too short! Call up Elton and Tim!

Music is needed in movies. It sets moods, builds tension, underscores comedy. Look at the moment Buzz Lightyear realizes he is a toy. The song (which is background. Buzz doesn't sing it) conveys his emotions and underscores an important moment in the characters life. Now look at The Little Mermaid, and we have a lobster singing about how nice it is under the sea, or in The Lion King we have a brat singing about what he'll do when he is king. 30 seconds of story strung out to 3 minutes of nice choon and useless animation. I'd prefer 3 minutes of story.

When you watch a movie edit out the singing bits. Now, consider what you missed. Have you missed some story or have you missed 3 minutes of expensive but unnecessary filler animation?

Stop singing in animated movies! Stop it!


Lion King2 and Aladdin 2 tanked because they had crap stories and cheap animation. Atlantis sank because it had a crap story and poor animation. Treasure Planet tanked because it had a crap story. Compositing 3D CGI elements into a movie won't make it better if the story is crap. A full CGI movie with a crap story is a CRAP MOVIE. Look at the horrible Barbie movies Mattel churn out On second thoughts, don't. They're bad! Cheap CGI has allowed Mattel to spit these bastard things out as fast as a new Barbie range hits the shelves. Poor stories and cheap CGI makes a really bad movie, but they can be mass produced at short notice.

Cheap CGI is why Dizco sacked all their 2D animators. Their movies will still be hits while Elton John and Phil Collins write the soundtracks. Never mind the quality, look at the length!

If I wanted to listen to songs I'd buy an album.


Has anyone else noticed that the dinosaurs in Dinosaur don't have bum holes?
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Pontiac GTO

I just saw an article on a news program about the new Pontiac GTO. They showed the car to a bloke on the street. "It's good to see good old American cars back on the streets."

I don't think he believed the reporter who said it was made in Australia.
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