January 6th, 2004



Last night #4 decided he'd had enough of being force fed, and snatched a heap of food from the stick as I passed it to #3. #3, being older and therefore the Top Bird, was rather put out and retreated to the rear of the cage to have a big sook. This morning both peewees opened wide for me to push the food in, tried to push each other aside and made a noise like a pair of geiger counters on Mouraroa Atol. Rather than wait for me to feed them like chicks, they both peck at the food like an adult would. This is encouraging! Soon I'll be able to leave the food in a dish and they'll get even less handling from me. They already hate being caught for transfer to the small sleeping cage.

10 minutes ago #3 opened his mouth and, instead of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!, let out a high-pitched "PeeWIT!" That surprised him so much he retreated to the back of the cage and let #4 eat all the food.

My baby's voice has broken!
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