January 5th, 2004



So, here it is, 9.40am and the temperature is 37C. Looks like we're going to have another day like yesterday where the temp hit 42.9. A good day to go see ROTK again, if only for the A/C.

The radio telescope at Parkes does a nice weather station thingy with graphs. You know it's summer when the coldest night time temperature is 30C and Tibooburra starts appearing on the evening news weather report, followed by the number 47.
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Pee Wee #5 died. I think it was a combination of poor eating, 43C temperatures, being picked on by the larger birds, the 10m fall from his nest, and being picked up and carried around the yard by the caller's labrador. There were no apparent injuries caused by the dog, but it was a big dog and a small bird so you just don't know.

Anyway. I'm down to 2 peewees. They're both schedualed to go to a big aviary before the end of this week.
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