December 13th, 2003


Some questions

When did Animal Rights and Vegetarianism become linked? It seems almost every LJ community on Animal Rights is also a hard-core Vegan group.

What is the difference between Vegetarians and Vegans? Is it sort of like the difference between those who like Furry art and those who like Anthropomorphic art?

And the next vegetarian who calls me a "carnivore" will be called a "herbivore." I felt a little peckish up at the Mall this morning, so I bought a late-breakfast corned beef, lettuce and tomato sandwich. The lady beside me, who bought a "Wholemeal. No butter! And are your vegetables organic?" salad sandwich, snorted and muttered "carnivore" under her breath.

"Omnivore, actually," I said. "I eat meat, veggies, grain, dairy and fish."

"Well I don't kill animals, and will have no part in that activity. I love animals too much."

"Do you have a cat?" I asked. I resisted telling her that I love animals too, and kill them on a regular basis.

She looked startled. "Yes! And I take very good care of him!"

"Then your should look up the term 'obligate carnivore' and think about it. Cats are obligate carnivores." She stormed off with her herbivore sandwich and the bloke behind the counter gave me a funny look. "It means they must eat meat," I explained. "If she has a cat then she must feed it meat or she's neglecting it."

He laughed, then told me his salad bar was organic; his dad grew the tomatos and lettuses in hydroponic racks in a greenhouse near the river.

That sounds organic enough for me.
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