November 8th, 2003


Aerial hunting

On the Freefall forum is a massive about the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska. The debate runs from emotive and uninformed to well informed. (Don't make assumptions about that statement. Some of the anti-hunt are very well informed, as are some of the pro-hunt.)

Normally I'd jump in to a debate like this because I'm an environmentalist and conservationist, but I don't know enough about the facts in Alaska so I'm posting here. From what I have seen and read the predator-prey cycle is a boom-and-bust thing, so reducing the predator numbers will not increase the prey numbers over the long term. There will be a short term increase, followed by a long term decrease caused by starvation, parasites and disease. (Read Mark Stanley's post)

Hunting for control is a highly emotive issue. People see animals dying for no real purpose. Here in Australia there is a huge outcry against aerial shooting of animals. "The animals have a right to live!" is the emotion behind the rhetoric.

Well, as an environmentalist and conservationist, I whole-heartedly support the extermination of wild horses, water buffalo, goats, pigs, cats, foxes, dogs (not dingoes), rabbits, donkeys, and anything else that is feral. I think the right to not become extinct is more important. I think bilbies, narla, numbats, hairy-nosed wombats, quokka, palmer wallabies, rock wallabies, leadbeater's possums and coroboree frogs have the right to not become extrinct.

And that is a very real possibility with all the animals on that list.
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And in other news

You know you're missing something from your diet when you see a rack of brussels sprouts at the market and you think "Wow, they look nice. I could go for some of them."
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Bread, milk, dog food, beer

Four of the major food groups, although dog food doesn't really qualify. Scruffy and Polly think dog food is THE food group.

The beer is Monteith's Original, a New Zealand brew from a company I fell in love with when I was Over There. This one comes from the Other Brewery in Aukland and not the proper one in Greymouth, but it is still a very yummy beer. The bloke in the bottle-shop said they were getting in some six-packs of Monteith's Black.

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