November 5th, 2003


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The shop where I buy my lumps of crystalized ginger no longer stocks it. It appears that I was their only regular buyer.

This is a bloody disaster.
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I have ennui

I know how to cheat at Tattslotto
I got a great idea for a song
I know the truth about Marylin Monroe
I can prove Einstein's theory wrong
But that's not what motivates me.
I'm interested in apathy.

I can predict mankind's fate
I know where there's oil in Bass Straight
All the deserts I could irrigate!
All the poor I could emancipate!
But none of this petty stuff for me.
I'm interested in apathy.

I've got the cure for all known disease
I know how to make money grow on trees
I know how to stop terrorism
I know one of the guys in TISM
Enough of this wretched pedantry.
I'm interested in apathy.

Here we are at the last verse.
I've lost interest.

Lyrics by This Is Serious Mum, from "Great Trucking Songs Of The Rennaisance"
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