October 26th, 2003


Stupid quiz result


HMS Hood off Hawaii
You are the HMS Hood. Probably the most advanced
design of its time, it was somewhat less than a
battleship, but certainly more than the battle
cruiser she is portrayed as. You think a lot
about the future, but this leaves you very
vulnerable. You have what it takes to be more
advanced than the rest of us, but you have to
remember the present. Be careful, because,
although you have the weapons to take on the
big boys, you should be ware of what they can
do to you at the same time.

What battleship are you?
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Historically, HMS Hood met her end when she went up against the Bizmark. A shell from the Bizmark hit the Hood's magazine which exploded. The Hood went down in less than 30 seconds, taking 1400 men with her. There were 2 survivors.