October 16th, 2003


That's better

I feel a lot better now, after a long night's sleep after a long road trip. I won't say it was uninterrupted. Every road trip of more than a few hours triggers nightmares in which I am in a series of horrible accidents involving a white Mercedes on a strip of road near Townsville. The accidents used to all happen while I'm trying to avoid the Merc: I hit trees, spin out, roll over... you name it, I crash in that way. And then I wake up, go to sleep, and crash again. Some years ago I gained a measure of control over the nightmares by deliberately aiming for the white Merc, and I remember feeling happy that I didn't crash.

Once my nights were a constant round of crashing and waking convinced I was dead. Last night I remember just three near misses and I still woke with the adrenalin rush you get from dangerous things, but I wasn't dead. I think the white mercedes is giving up its post road trip torments.