October 15th, 2003



So here I am in the centre of Parramatta. Parra is within the area called "Sydney" but it is 40km west of the actual business district of Sydney. This is a good thing, really. The pollution is just as bad but there is parking, and the traffic actually moves on occasion.

Installing the adsl modem/router went well. As in, I hooked it up and it worked. Now the company web site doesn't work. This seems to affect only those websites that use index.php (ie everything not coded my be) as the main page. Everything that uses bog-standard boring old html works. It took me half an hour of questioning to discover the web site host is physically located in Idaho or Ohio or one of those little square states in the middle of the US. So the problem Isn't Here. "internal Server Error" is where it's at.

Right now I'm trying to wheedle passwords out of the CEO ("I don't think we have any. I just start email and it works.")

Soon we'll discuss updating the webpage and then I can head back to The Bush. Every time I think I don't want to live in Dubbo any more I come to Sydney for a day and I'm cured. Dubbo isn't such a bad old town, really.

And I'm back.

Tired. Hungry. Happy.

Why do they use methane in GVD diamonds and not ethane? There's twice as many carbon atoms in ethane. Why heat the gas with microwaves? Isn't the plasma stream hot enough? Or is that an effect of being at 0.1 atmospheres, where not enough heat is generated due to the low pressure.

Gotta love road trips.
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