October 7th, 2003


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<td bgcolor="#000000">Your name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Your ship</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Soul of a New Machine</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Commissioning date</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">March 13, 2521</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Designed by</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Humans</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Innovative feature</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Subspace teleportation</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Design flaw</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">No cup holders</td></tr>
Who built your starship? by Nauta
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no cup holders? I'll cope, but it will be hard.
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Pee Wee

Today I rescued a young pee wee. She's fledged but still too young to fly, so it look like I'm MumAndDad for a few weeks. Luckily pee wees don't care what the parent looks like as long as it shoves food in the beak. Meal worms and mince meat dipped in insectivore mix does very nicely, thank you very much.

The trouble is, anyone who walks near the cage has a begging pee wee hassling them.
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The Theodore Mob


I've lost Mark's and your email addresses. Can you send them to batyden at optusnet.com.au?

Hi Sam!

(This cryptic message was brought to you by Mrs. Edith Quott, of 17A, Africa.)
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Bloke Cooking - too much Jamie Oliver and almost too much Ginger

I've been watching too much Jamie Oliver. He did this fish thing that looked easy enough.

So while I was up at the supermarket I grabbed 1 of:

Red capsicum (red pepper)
Spring Onion
Musrooms (3 different types)

I have no idea what the mushrooms are. One of them looks like toadstools but I'm working on the premise that it's safe to eat if I buy it in the supermarket. (I'm not dead yet.) The supermarket placed the ginger roots right beside a big tub of crystallized ginger lumps with a "Help Yourself" shovel in the top. I helped myself to 1/2kg. Something to much on while I cook.

The fish is something from the freezer. Dory, I think. Or Hoki. Maybe Nile Perch. It's fish. Used to have scales and fins.

Chop the veggies fairly fine. Also chop the mushies into smallish lumps, and add as much ginger and garlic as you reckon is a fair thing. Put a small amount of olive oil and water in a flat pan and throw in the mushrooms, ginger, onions and garlic. When it stops steaming and starts frying throw them and the rest of the vggies into a baking dish and spread them flat. Put the fish on top, and sprinkle on lemon juice and pepper, add more oils and water, then wrap the dish in Aluminium foil.. Bake for at least 45 minutes at whatever temperature fish cooks at, or 200C.

The subtle effect of small amount of ginger in the food was lost on me after stuffing almost 1/2kg of raw, crystalized ginger into my face while I was getting things ready.

My ex-workmates in Sydney used to call me "ginger nuts" but that had nothing to do with the biscuits I ate with morning tea.
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