September 23rd, 2003



Something charles said recently got me thinking: when did I last buy a CD? I couldn't remember so I went ratting through my collection to find my most recent purchase. That was a Best Of The Church compilation CD dated 1999. Before that I bought DeRigeurmortis (This Is Serious Mum), Wasp Star (XTC), Jabbawocky (Oliver Wakeman), the soundtrack from The Dish, and Running With Scissors (Weird Al). They all date 1999/2000.

I have not bought anything by a new artist or group. The RIAA and ARIA and the major labels have lost my business, not because I use P2P to download my music, but because everything I hear in the top 40 is crap. And I am even less inclined to buy a crippled disc masquerading as a music CD.

It's official.

The best meat pies in Australia are made at the Village Hot Bake, Dubbo, according to the judges of the national bake-off. The Hot Bake is my supplier of curry meat pies and sausage rolls. I notice a new chicken-and-apricot pie on their menu. Time to check it out again.

I took hopeforyou, sinboy and mikz for a pre-zoo breakfast there.
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