September 14th, 2003


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"Federal IT minister senator Richard Alston has accused opposition senator Brian Greig of promoting pornography after he accused the government of fear-mongering to promote its Internet regulation policy."

Senator Alston (called "Senator Luddite" by The Register ) thinks that if you are against his internet censorship regulation, then you are all for promoting porn and sexual abuse of minors.

"So far the regulatory scheme, administered by the Australian Broadcasting Authority at a cost of over AU$2.5 million since it was introduced in January 2000, has resulted in the removal of around 500 Web sites from Australian servers. "

that doesn't sound very effective.

"Greig was referring to research conducted by the Australia Institute and endorsed by Harradine. It found that 80 percent of teenage boys had seen pornography on the Internet and raised concerns that it may lead to an increase in violent sexual behavioured in young Australian males. "

As opposed to 99% of teenage boys who have seen pornography printed in magazines.

I loathe this conservative government.

(Dorothy Dixer: an easy question asked by a member of your own party that gives you a chance to detail your own project)
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Not Bloke Cooking.

I'm sorry. I have to hand in my Bloke Cooking Badge after tonight's effort. I used boneless chicken, and- and Fennel! And- I don't know how to say it... Cous Cous! I'm so sorry.

I cut the chicken into largish lumps, dipped them in milk and dumped them into a floury mix of plain flour, black pepper, salt and a seasoning that contained paprika, pepper, garlic, and onion. When the lumps were well caked up and baked them in dish with a little extra-virgin olive oil, in the oven at 200C for 40 minutes, until they were golden brown.

Then I made the cous-cous, and threw in some diced onion, red peppers and fennel and fried it up in a in a pan.

This is not bloke cooking. I have failed.
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