August 17th, 2003


Light Pollution

I hope the people who were blacked out went outside that night and looked up. There are stars up there! I never realized how bad light pollution is until my trips to the UK in the 80s. A dozen bright stars and light-haze is not a night sky.

Dizco kills off traditional animation

Suspended Animation "Pencils down. Disney terminates traditional animation"

I love animations. I love 2D Cel and 3DCGI animations. One is not better than the other. Using one instead of the other to reduce costs can make an excellent movie look crap, even if the story is great. However, using one instead of the other will not make a movie better if the story is crap. If you start with a bad story, cut corners, sack animators and use CGI to cut costs, you'll end up with a really nice looking pile of pooh.

Never mind the quality, feel the length!