August 16th, 2003


Dream Weaver... what drugs are you on?

I don't normally remember my dreams, but one this morning hit between the first and second snooze alarms. That's probably why it stuck.

I'm in a large room of my house which has a wire screen wall. It's some sort of flight aviary. I'm building bat boxes, as a bloke does when he's in an aviary, but these ones are a little different in that they have a hinged door I can open to see inside. I notice a piece of paper poking from the opening of a box and open the door. Someone has used the sheet to cover the opening, so when I open the door all I can see is the paper.

And some eyes.

Whatever is in the box has cut some small eye-holes in the sheet and they're looking at me. I pull the paper away and there's a tiny brown owl in the bat box. The bird can't be more than 6" tall.

"Where did you come from?" I ask. The bird looks at another box and so do I. There is a feather sticking out of it. I open the other box and there's another owl in it, white this time and much larger. I open the dozens of bat boxes that I seem to have built in the last 2 seconds and they all have owls in them.

Then a bat arrived, saw the owls and said "Excellent! We can start."

The snooze alarm dragged me into a sitting position. I stared at the clock and asked aloud "Start what?" Unfortunately the bat boxes, owls and flight aviary were gone. I don't even know what house it was except that it was mine.

I'm sure there's a message in it somewhere. Or maybe it was just my subconscious playing sillybuggers.


Apparently Rexie likes her new cage. She's walking all over the place, digging as deep as she can, and "is stuffing herself" on the feed mix. H is happy with her progress.

So am I.
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Diamonds are forever

I'm watching Bond James Bond right now. I think Diamonds Are Forever is the most perverse of the Bond films.

And Bambi and Thumper are the most wasted of henchpeople.