August 14th, 2003


Ricing up the PC

While I was buying a new power supply for dad's computer the techo at the shop put a customer's PC on the bench and said "Look at this." She then removed the outer casing of the computer and pointed at the CPU.

I shook my head. "It's a CPU."

She turned on the power. Behind the CPU fan a whold bunch of red, blue and green LEDs flashed on for a second. Then they began to flash in sequence. Red Green Blue Red Green Blue Red Green Blue Red Green Blue Red Green Blue.

I blinked. "What do you think?" she asked me. I blinked again.

"Put the case on for a moment," I said. She put it on and I examined the pc. There were no windows, vents or portals that let the light out. It was, to all appearences, a perfectly normal PC until you removed the case and it was all Red Green Blue Red Green Blue again.

The pointlessness of the mod is utterly breath-taking. It's like taking a bog-standard 1969 Kombi van and chrome plating the air filter. WHY would you spend money on that?
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