August 11th, 2003



Scientists have recognised a new subspecies of Red Kangaroo in which the males are a mid-grey and the females are a red-brown, which is almost the opposite of the typical red kangaroo.

I thought it was interesting. People who draw red kangaroos might interested too.

Bat Quiz

How can I not do this quiz?

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How can I not do this quiz?

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If I were a bat I would be...</font><a target=_top href="" target = "new">
</a><font face="Arial">a <a target=_top href=""><font color="#000000">Big Brown Bat</font></a>! Find out more
about this bat or take the <a target=_top href=""><font color="#000000">quiz</font></a>
to see what kind of bat you are most like.</font></center></td></tr></table>

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