August 9th, 2003


Fan blow-out, pt2

The card I had used a tiny, non-standard fan of about 3cm diametre. The shop would have to order one in and I needed it NOW, dammit. I noticed on the shelf a rather cheap GeoForce2mx at AU$70. It had 64mb DDRAM on board, which is 32mb more than the old card, as well as, and this is what appealed to me the most, a massive chunk of silver heat sink on the hot bits. NO FAN! How could I not buy it?

The sink is 2cm x 2cm and looks like an echidna designed by the Cubist school. I swear it has dropped the PC noise by half.

I am inspired to build a fanless silent computer. I want a PC I can't hear. I'll have to be careful I don't rice it up in any way.
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