July 14th, 2003


Heard on telly

I got up early enough today to catch the 7am news bulletin on the Sunrise program on Channel 7. It reminded me of a comment made by one of the presenters, David Kosh, last week

The news article then showed President Bush on safari, where his jeep was stopped by a pair of elephants doing the thing mummies and daddies do when they love each other in that special way. The camera cut back to the presenters in the studio.

"That's what he did to Iraq," said Kosh.

His co-presenter collapsed into a fit of giggles and couldn't do her segment, and the news reader couldn't read the weather.

I love live broadcasts, especially those that aren't "safe" like the Today Show.
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Win2k help (This is a serious question)

A friend has 2 PCs running Win2kPro, but only 1 modem. He wants to set up the system so both computers can access the internet but he oesn't want to use W2kServer.

How does he do it? more specifically, how do I do it, since I'm the one who'll be helping him. Anyone point me to a good resource?

oh... and the computer with the modem is running Win2K AND WinXP. He prefers to use XP over 2K, but some of his book keeping software doesn't run under XP so he has to boot into 2K. Will that cause a conflict I should be aware of.?
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