July 8th, 2003


Kaye Bat

Little Kaye scarfed down 6 meal worms last night. It's a start, but she should be eating more. I'm putting the ointment on her leg twice a day but she's licked it off by the time I get her out the next time. Her grooming seems to include licking all the area around her cut.

I'm very carefully grabbing her foot and stretching her leg out, too. That should stop adhesians and keep it mobile.
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Kaye and Rexie

Rexie wighs 1.1kg after her feed now. She'll have to go to a larger cage RealSoonNow.

Kaye ate 14 worms tonight and her gashed leg looks a lot better. She's still a bit reluctant to use it for climbing, but she does use it to hang on. Which is good news.
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