June 25th, 2003


Flashing, animation and such

I'll be working on expanding this little flash animation to show the whole operation of the vehicle wash, then working on the company homepage to clean up the code, reduce the data dump, remove old jpgs, dump the animated logo, and install the flash animation. I am seriously tempted to replace the cgi questionaire with a simple email link. You wouldn't believe how many business people mistake the questionaire for an email form.

I've also noticed a lot of queries from the USA start aout well, with discussions and phone calls, but always stop dead the moment you mention that the company is not in the US. One bloke wondered how we got onto the internet if we weren't in the US. Sheesh. Maybe I should put a huge Aussie Flag on the page.

Maybe they were looking for the other Fleetwash which is a US company. Gotta love those Pastel colours and red text on blue.

Soon I'll try animating the Kingfisher, learn TrueSpace, and amuse myself by reading my friends page through the shizzolator.

Got down to 0C last night. That's a 3 dog night but I only have 2 dogs.
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