June 4th, 2003



My 128MB USB FlashKey arrived today. The 1GB drive would have been nice, but I couldn't afford it. The 128MB was AU$70. My ports are on the back of the PC but Cyclone kindly provided a 1m cord with the unit.

Many thanks to wabbitcalif and ursuscal for being my on-forwarders.

I needed a 98SE driver to make it work on my system, and now it does. I plug it in and TING! instant removable drive appears in MyComputer.

I took the drive up to the Uni and impressed and out-geeked the IT Admins by plugging it into a USB port and getting an instant removable drive while they watched. I don't need to cart floppies around any more.

I know what the ITAdmins want for christmas.
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