May 12th, 2003


Porn Spam

The pron spam I used to get was pretty mild. "Enlarge your penis!" "Enlarge you breasts!" What, both at once? "Plenty of naked ladies with big boobies!" heh, they said Boobies. Hooray for boobies! Where would we be without gannets?

But I've noticed over the last few months the porn spam taking a rather nasty turn. Incest ("Mother with son!" "Father with Daughter!") Homoerotica, phrased in a way that is anything but erotic ("Men fucking up the ass!") and today, rape. "See rape!" was the subject line, and I'm pretty certain it wasn't from the Canola Marketing Board.

And they're using tricks to get past SAProxy. Sexx, secks, seks, ra-pe, r&pe and so on. If only there was some way to tell them to Shut Up And Go Away.

This whinge was brought to you by the 97% deleted inbox messages.
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