April 26th, 2003



I spoke to H. abour echidna care and maintenance. I shouldn't be worried about Rexie yet. H suggested I should try adding some solids to Rexie's milk. I'll thaw out a little bit of gruel and add it into tomorrow's feed. She also suggested letting Rexie warm up before I try to feed her. Apparently they're like bats that way.

What a strange animal.
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Job prospects

I've made contact with a bloke who owns and runs a small computer services company here in town, which specializes in computer systems for farms. He's looking for someone who can repair, build, and install home PCs, load Win9x and XP, install networks, install and configure software, do phone supportand just generally do everything with a small computer.

I sent him my resume.

Who knows. I might get a job out of it.
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Changing IMs

I've switched back to Trillianand need to update my contact lists. If you don't mind having a mild mannered maniac on your list, my numbers are ICQ 340356 and MSN battyden. send a request as required.

thank you.