April 4th, 2003



Duncan The Vet rang me this morning and asked about Rexie. He was the one who x-rayed her and gave her the check-up when she came into care.

"I thought, since you have a baby echidna, we could take it up to my kid's school and show the classes there."

"Yeah, sure!" I said. "I have a bat, too. You want to take that as well?"

So at 9am Duncan arrived to pick up me, Rexie and Jack. We arrived at St Mary's, "Good Mooorniiing Miiiister MacGuiiiiineeees! Gooood Mooooooorniiiiiiiing Miiiiiiiiiister Whiiiiiiiiiiiittoooon!" and proceeded to demonstrate the animals. I held Rex and the kids patted her, while Duncan held the bat tent and the kids peered through the mesh window at Jack.

It took us an hour to work from 5th grade down to Kindergarten. By the end of that time Rexie had had enough. She dug down into my glove and tucked her nose and feet under, presenting the kids with just a spiney back to look at and pat. I told Duncan she was getting stressed and he wound up the visit.

Jack, of course, didn't give a shit. He slept through it all and didn't even growl once.

We met Mr Nolan, one of the local Talbragah Wiradjuri who teaches Aboriginal Studies at the school. He told the kids (and us!) about how they used to track them. Echidnas are called "diggbilla" here, and apparently taste like a salty pork.

My mate Terry is a Gamillaroi Wiradjuri from the Narrabri area. He calls them "durrinja" and agrees on the taste, adding that they're an importand source of fat in the Aborigine diet. Kangaroo is very lean meat. Some time ago I asked how he cooked them. "Oh, an hour in the Microwave is good enough." I was sort of expeting something a little more traditional.

Anyway. Rexie is not an any menus. She will be going back to Gilgandra when she's ready.

A visit like this is really important. Dubbo is technically In The Bush, and yet people here know bugger all about the animals. If I can get kids thinking about animals early they'll be more inclined to think about them later, and maybe pass the enthusiasm on to their parents. I hope.

Yesterday I ordered Rexie's milk supply. $20 for 1kg "biolact 150," a special formula for very young echidnas. In a few weeks she'll move on to "biolact 250" with some solid bits thrown in. I have a couple of frozen cakes of stuff that is effectively artificial termites for her when she moves onto solids.
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"Saving Private Lynch"

There was a lot on the telly about the rescue of Private Lynch. I think it's wonderful news that she was rescued! But the news readers prattled on about making a movie called Saving Private Lynch, or something like that, effectively trivializing the rescue.

If a movie is made about this war it should be done along the lines of The Longest Day or Tora Tora Tora. It should show everything on both sides, fairly and without propagander or comment. It should show the good and the bad, the build up and the action. It should show the Iraqis, US, UK, Australian, and Kurdish forces in action.

But above all it should show the bravery of the soldiers on all sides, including the capture and rescue of Private Lynch.
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Den's IRC hints

Never IRC with one hand while the other is holding a puggle.

When a puggle grows sick of being somewhere it will just go. If that means running off a hand and falling into a lap, they will do so.

So Rexie only fell a few inches and handed on her back, but her spines penetrated my jeans around the top of my legs and groin. One of the spines pierced the fly and went a little way into the skin of my dick.

It hurts and itches a lot.

So let that be a lesson to you.
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