February 28th, 2003


Uni news

Failing Java programming meant I'd failed the prereq. for TWO second year subjects. BUGGER. Now I have to do Java again by distance ed.

On the other hand, I spoke to the lecturer about the Object Modelling exam I resat in February. "Was that exam easier than the other one?" he asked.

"No, I just understood the subject more. Why?"

"I'm putting in a recommendation to upgrade your grade from Marginal Fail to a Pass."

I PASSED! I think a WOO HOO is required here.

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It rained again. 30 points!

If I get this personal loan I'll be able to pay off the car, then paying back this loan will take $120 per month instead of $335 per month. $335 is rather a lot when you consider that I get $700/month through Austudy. When I finish this course and Get A Job I'll have to repay the uni fees as well. I already owe $8000. That makes Austudy more a loan and less social security. I need a Good Job. It's annoying that I only have 20 years experience in IT. By mid 2005 I should have a degree to go with it.

And a debt of $25k

I have a boobook! The poor little owl was found by some kids who threw sticks at it until it fell from the tree. It was rescued by a passing vet at the kids were moving in for the kill. The boobook isn't physically harmed but it's very thin, and covered in lice. Bird lice are a secondary infection so there is something else wrong inside. I spoke to the Raptor Lady and she says it could possibly have internal parasites.

H. thinks it must be really sick if it only looks at me instead of trying to tear my face off.

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