February 22nd, 2003



It's sunny today but the humidity is really high. As you would expect after having

3 inches of rain in 30 hours

It won't break the drought, but it will give the animals something to eat. Farmers will be able to turn failed crops into hay. Which is nice. El Nino has peaked and is weakening. We should be back to normal rainfall patterns by the end of the year.

And here is yesterday's Friday Quiz result, a day late.

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hopeforyou, sinboy and mikz arrived here at 4pm, too late to see hte zoo. We sat around chatting, they met my family and the dogs (Polly loves sinboy) before heading off to THe Crows Nes for our meal. The restaurant is on the open verandah above the Pastoral Hotel. It's like eating on Lygon Street, Melbourne, but without Melbourne.

hopeforyou and I had barramundi with prawns and bernaise sauce, sinboy had a medium rare steak (and this cook doesn't do every steak well done) and mikz had a vegetarian pasta. Unfortunately they put mushrooms in his pasta and he had to send it back. The chef knocked up a nice replacement at short notice.

Afterwards, we collected Gromit and took him back to the hose I rescued him from. Mum and the two daughters ran out to meet us, while Dad followed in a "Why are you making all this noise over a bat" way. I held Gromit so they could take a photo. He stretched his wings wide and a few seconds later he was gone.

Then we drove to a spot just out of town and lookde at the stars. We saw two satellites and a brief meteor shower of three streaks in 5 seconds.

Hope and Sinboy got to hear TISM. heh.

Tomorrow, we go to The Zoo.
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