February 15th, 2003


Gromit Update

Last night I forced him to self-feed. Previous attempts had him give up and I had to hand the worms to him one at a time. They went in like logs into a wood-chipper: as one vanished I shoved another in, and so on until I had a very full bat in my hand. He'd sit still for a long while, squeeking happily and grunting every time he tried to move.

Last night I simply piled about 25 worms onto the dish, shoved his nose in and zipped the tent shut. When I checked this morning all the worms were gone. This means I can cut my handling back to a minimum.

Tonight I'll lock us in the spare room and try to get some flight time in.
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And some fan art

I'm recerating in 3d a scene that appeared in the online comic 21st Century Fox by Scott Kellogg. This is an airport bus going out to meet some passengers. The sides looked a bit bare so I raided the "Tifferella" story from Suburban Jungle (a guest strip by Scott) and made up an ad panel.

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