February 11th, 2003


I'm Alarmed

Running on telly here is a series of ads hosted by local televiosion personality Steve Leibman. He's selling the federal government's initiative to make us alert to terrorism: a booklet mailed to every home. I threw mine in the bin with the unopened Target, Kmart and Innovations catalogues. I shouldn't have done that. It had a fridge magnet in it.

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Thank you for all the suggestions!

kelloggs2066 and hedgegoth: I had a Gerry last year. Sorry.

crossfire: What language is that? While it is entirely appropriate, I can't give a bat a name longer than the animal itself. 8)

ursulav: Genghis would have been a good name for that other tooth-gnashing little sod if I was going to keep him for more than a few hours. This new one's not a Gengis.

ceruleanst suggested Grommit which is almost Gromit, the name of my all time favourite animated dog. So this bat will be Gromit.

Thanks for playing! I'll keep this list for the next G bat.
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Poor Pup

Polly is back from the Vet's. She's been prodded, vaccinated, microchipped, and "fixed." No puppies for poor Polly. What this area doesn't need is more dogs and I'll spare the RSPCA from doing more dirty work than they have to. I really feel sorry for the vets there. They must go numb.

So Polly is feeling very sorry for herself and I don't blame her. She actually growled at Scruffy when I put the food out. She ate a little then had a lie-down. Poor pup.
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