January 2nd, 2003



Several months ago Dubbo City Council build a bioswale and directed stormwater from a large part of the town through it. Of course, it hasn't rained since March and people scoffed at the money being spent. They couldn't see what was wrong with just dumping stormwater into the Macquarrie River, like we'd always done.

Yesterday we had 1 inch of rain fall. The stormwater rushed into the swale, hit the reed beds, and meandered down to the river. Oil was trapped, sediment was dropped. The water that flowed into the river was as clear as tap water.

Scoff now, you bastards.

You what?

A rather well known furry artist has emailed me requesting a render of some of the archiecture in one of his strips.

HE emailed ME!

How cool is that? And he asked what I wanted in exchange!

I really only want one thing: More bats in comics, of course!