December 18th, 2002


The dreaded lurgie

My little cold is now an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. I'm on double strength Amoxycillian for the bug, gargleing Listerine for the throat, and sucking down Ventolin and Pulmicort for the lungs.

On the bright side, my Rabies immunology came through. I have over 6 times the required immune thingies I need to keep handling bats. Which is nice.
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I know she loves me.

I'm gargling a lot of Listerine at the moment as I try to kill the sore throat. I do this by laying back on my bed to get as deep a gargle as I can without drowning. Of course, Polly only saw me laying in the bed, and decided to surprise me by leaping onto my stomach mid-gargle.

Think "Old Faithful" scented like anticeptic mouthwash.

Right now it's raining and thundering. She has sneaked inside and is hiding under the table where she thinks I can't see her and call her a BAD DOG for being in.
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