December 3rd, 2002



I let a kid on my system to "look for game cheats." As soon as I left the room he surfed for porn and something (not Gater or Kaza) installed on my system. There were a bunch of icons for porn, adult material, free music etc on my desktop.


Something has installed into my registry that kicks off a little thinky in my systray. It calls itself "Music Search Online" but clicking on it takes me to a hard-core porn site. I CAN'T GET RID OF IT!

Every time I boot windows something in the regsitry kicks off and creates a *random_name*.TPM file in the windws/temp dir, and runs THAT. I can't find the reg key! dammit! I really don't want to delete system.dat and user.dat and reload windows again. What a pain in the arse.

Any gurus out there?

actually, I might del the registry. It's badly bloated.
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The W98 registry is bloated so I'm going to kill it tomorrow. How do I delete all the files listed in add/remove programs?