October 9th, 2002



A bloke at Narromine has purchased an ex-Czech Airforce MIG trainer and will take people up for $160!

I have got to save up for this. Maybe if I didn't eat one week...
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    Tubular Bells 3 - Mike Oldfield

Blood test results

According to Dr George, almost all my results were bang-on normal. Cholesterol and triglicerides were borderline-high, and haemglobin was borderline-low. According to Dr George it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a better diet.

"Is that why I'm a fat bastard?" I asked him.

"No, you're like that because you sit in front of the computer all day."

I've started a program of intensive fidgetting to try to burn some calories

Still no word on the rabies test. I'll know about that soon..